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Enrolment Info

1) All registration is on a first-come first-serve basis.

2) The preferred way to enrol is online and payment is by credit or debit card. If this is impossible, please contact us for other options. 

3) New Members will be charged one time enrolment fee of $25 unless specified. 

4) Kindermusik with Jo, prior to COVID, uses curriculum divided into units. Each unit runs for four weeks and the $99+tax tuition fee includes four weekly lessons and access to Kindermusik Home material with unlimited amount of downloads for music, at-home activities and age appropriate parenting tips.  Kindermusik is on a monthly subscription format for payments. Every month, $99+Tax is automatically debited from your account on the 1st of every month.  The program runs for 44 weeks which consists 11 pay periods.  

5) Families with multiple children enrolled in Kindermusik with Jo classes during the same semester will receive a 50% discount off each additional child's enrolment. This applies to families with individual children enrolled in varying classes as well as families enrolled in a Mixed Age class.

6) All of our classes are ongoing year-round and once you are enrolled, you continue to stay enrolled. If you do find it necessary to stop classes, all you have to do is notify us in writing at least seven days before the next payday which is 1st of every month that you will not be continuing in the next unit and you will be un-enrolled from the class and will not be charged for the following unit. We are reserving a spot for you and your little one and for families who do not give at least a one-week notice of un-enrolling before the next unit will be charged for the following unit. 

7) Students are welcome to enrol anytime during the year except for Level 4 and 5 classes. Tuition prices will be prorated. We do not refund for missed classes but we will offer makeup classes whenever possible. Of course it is to be expected that you may need to miss a class or two due to illness or vacation so we encourage you to attend another class of the same age, if available, in order to make-up your missed class. See your teacher for class make-up options. Families are welcome to make up missed classes anytime throughout the year, if same age level class is available even at different locations as long as you are enrolled, but cannot make up classes after cancelling your enrolment. Once you have left the program, those makeup classes outstanding are forfeited. Makeup classes cannot be carried over into other sessions after un-enrolling and cannot be applied to non-enrolled children. Families are responsible for keeping track of missed classes. 

8) We do have the option to pause a payment for a month if you know that you will be gone for a longer period of time. However, please know that we cannot guarantee a spot for you when you return. We have many full classes with wait lists so your spot may be filled when you return. The only way we can guarantee a spot for you is if you continue to pay for us to hold your spot. 

9) Because each curriculum is developmentally specific, in most cases, your child should be at least the minimum age for the class in which you are enrolling. However, we realize there are exceptions to every rule. If you have concerns about your child's success in a class, we will gladly discuss your child's needs and work with you to place your child in the class best suited for him or her.

10) At our discretion, classes may need to be rescheduled or combined with similar age groups/classes if the minimum enrollment is not met to provide meaningful Kindermusik experience. (Minimum enrollment is usually four children per class.) In this situation, we will certainly strive to give adequate notice and will give parents the option of choosing another class. If alternate options does not fit your schedule, we will provide full refund.

11) Cancelled new member registration is subject to a $25 administration fee.

Referral Discounts

1)  Refer a friend who enrols for their first month of Kindermusik With Jo and receive $10 off your next month of tuition!

2)  Refer five friends to enrolment, your next month subscription is on us!

Miscellaneous Info

1)  No refunds or class credits will be given if you miss a class because of illness or being out of town. We are happy to allow students who miss a class to try to make it up. Simply text or email in advance to attend another already-scheduled class.

2) No food, drinks or outdoor shoes in the studios. Bottles and sippy cups are fine.  Children are welcome to bring indoor shoes or grippy socks.

3) Baby sibling under 7 months at start date with a registered sibling can attend Sibling's Class for FREE.

4) Kindermusik with Jo,prior to COVID, follows Toronto District School Board, when it comes to weather cancellations. On Saturdays, we will make our own decision whether or not we hold classes based upon the weather. Please make sure you have signed up for the Remind texting app in case a class gets canceled last minute because of teacher illness, weather, etc. and a last minute announcement needs to be made. The texting app is how we will alert families of cancelled classes. Classes that have to be cancelled because of weather will not be made up, but families are welcome to attend another age appropriate class, if available, that week to make up. 

5) We do take photos regularly in our classes and we sometimes share those photos on our Facebook Page. No names are ever used. If you would rather not have photos of you posted on our Facebook Page, please let your teacher know and we will make sure to not include you in the photos.

6) Please understand that by enrolling in a class at Kindermusik with Jo, you are making a commitment. We realize that there will be unexpected things that come up that prohibit you from coming to class on a particular day. However, missing 3, 4 and 5 classes in a row is not really beneficial to your child’s learning and they are not receiving the full Kindermusik experience. Consistency and Repetition are important keys to learning. Please know that we are making a commitment to provide you and your family with a high quality and enjoyable musical experience. We look forward to partnering with you! Please let us know if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions—we are always available!


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